Automatic Toyota Yaris 2017 : Specifications and Price

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Toyota, which is one of the famous Japanese automakers, has launched the Automatic Toyota yaris 2017 as the optional version of the 2017 Toyota Yaris. So then, this particular car in this model year will be available on the market in two different types of transmissions, which are manual and automatic. This kind of car has been launched to the market in order to provide the people a great option of a sub-compact vehicle that can offer notable performance and affordable price.

Actually, both of the manual or the auto Toyota Yaris 2017 uses the same engine. Each of them uses the standard 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine. This particular engine will be able to provide the car with 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft of torque. The car is also designed to have the same drivetrain, which is the front wheel drive. Then, the only thing that distinguishes those cars is the transmission system applied. The manual Toyota Yaris 2017 has been applied with the 5 speed manual transmission, and then the automatic Toyota Yaris 2017 has been complemented with the 4 speed automatic transmission. However, the car can offer you a remarkable fuel economy in the same best way. The car has been rated to reach 30 mpg city and 36-37 mpg highway. automatic toyota yaris 3 door

Furthermore, the price that is offered to the consumers for the Toyota Yaris in this particular model year can be various. Just for your information, the base price for the manual version of the car will be about $15,250 which the destination fee has been included. Then, the automatic toyota yaris 2017 has been offered to the people at the higher price, which is $17,285. This higher price of the particular car is actually worthy for the innovation and upgrades that has been applied on the design and the performance of the car.

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6 Photos of the Automatic Toyota Yaris 2017 : Specifications and Price

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